Women composers will be the focus of the Colorado Chorale’s concert at Central Presbyterian Church Sunday, March 11th at 4:00 p.m.

Women have composed music since ancient times, but most have been overlooked or forgotten.  This special concert will introduce audiences to female composers, ancient and modern.

The oldest music to be performed, Laus Trinitati, is a 900-year old chant by Hildegard of Bingen, arranged for six parts by Felicia Sandler.

Regina Coeli Laetare, was composed in the 18th century by Duchess Anna Amalia Herzogin von Sachsen, who also ran a small country.

Fanny Hensel (nee Mendelsohn) composed more than 400 pieces of music, many of which were published under her brother Felix’ name to escape the conventions of the day.  Her Gartenlieder will be performed.

Amy Beach, 20th century composer, was the first American woman to write a symphony.  She based it on Irish folk tunes, an ethnic focus that was also adopted by the likes of Dvorak, Grieg, Smetana and DeFalla.  The Chorale will sing Let this Mind be in You.

The concert will also feature the premiere of two new pieces, one by jazz performer and composer Deanna Witkowski and the other by Laurie Betts Hughes of Seattle.

Tickets are free for those up to 21 years of age, $15 for Seniors and $20 for adults. Get tickets here.