Our May, 2019 concerts celebrated the culture of Mexico and Latin America and were enhanced by a partnership with the Mexican Cultural Center of Denver.

The collaboration included reciprocal marketing and assistance from MCC in cultural programming for the event.

The concert featured Latinx music performed by the Colorado Chorale, Cantabile of Boulder and the Boulder High School Choir.  Folklorico dancers performing traditional dances from Mexico were a special hit of the Sunday, May 10th performance.

The two choirs premiered Reflections on a Mexican Garden/Reflexiones Sobre un Jardin Mexicano,  by Dr. Kevin Padworski.

Founded in 1992, the Mexican Cultural Center is a non-profit that works in partnership with cultural, educational and other institutions to promote and maintain the richness of Mexican culture in Colorado. The Mexican Cultural Center is dedicated to increasing awareness of Mexico’s unique arts, customs, traditions and destinations among the audiences of the United States of America.  The Center will be the recipient of a donation by the Chorale.

Learn more about the Mexican Cultural Center.